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Father (Major) Edward J. Waters, Catholic Chaplain from Oswego, New York, conducts Divine Services on a pier for members of the D-DAY first assault troops thrown against Hitler’s forces on the continent. Weymouth, England. June 6, 1944

“There is no true freedom except in the service of what is good and just.”




"God made you to know him, to love him, and to serve him in this world and to be happy with him forever in the next." Here, in just 26 words, is the whole reason for our existence. Jesus answered the question even more briefly: "I came so that [you] might have life and have it more abundantly" (John 10:10).

God’s plan for you is simple. Your loving Father wants to give you all good things—especially eternal life. Jesus died on the cross to save us all from sin and the eternal separation from God that sin causes (CCC 599–623). When he saves us, he makes us part of his Body, which is the Church (1 Cor. 12:27–30). We thus become united with him and with Christians everywhere (on earth, in heaven, in purgatory).

“The men signed of the cross of Christ go gaily in the dark.”

—   G.K. Chesterton

“Solemnity flows out of men naturally; but laughter is a leap. It is easy to be heavy: hard to be light.”

—   G.K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy

“Prayer is the best weapon we possess. It is the key that opens the heart of God.”

—   St. Padre Pio

Aid to the Church in Need

Wish to financially help Christians in the Middle East? Here’s a great website to do so!

How to clean your room and learn about "Catholic Stuff You Should Know" at the same time!

A hilarious podcast about all things Catholic and many times totally off topic. Worth one listen…but beware….you’ll be hooked!

5 Things You Can Do Right Now as ISIS Threatens Iraqi Christians and Shiites – UPDATE

Basilica Papale di San Francesco, Assisi, Italy
Sunga Park

“As for the general view that the Church was discredited by the War—they might as well say that the Ark was discredited by the Flood. When the world goes wrong, it proves rather that the Church is right. The Church is justified, not because her children do not sin, but because they do.”

—   G.K. Chesterton, The Everlasting Man 

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St. Paul Street Evangelization

Every girl desires to be known for this type of class:


…….what they actually choose to do:


…I think we can try a little harder….

"The King of Glory" as danced by Stephen Colbert

The result of kneeling throughout mass without a kneeler.